Covid Protocols

HUMC is open for in-person worship beginning Sunday, January 25, 2022

The Health and Wellness Committee has determined that we are in a good place to be able to worship together in person because we followed our set protocols. Continuation of masking and strict adherence to safe distancing will be necessary to enable us to continue to have in-person worship. Once the worship service has drawn to a close you are asked, once again, to leave the sanctuary without crowding near the exit and to please convene any discussions and fellowship out of doors. 

Should anyone test positive for Covid after any service or church function you need to contact Pastor George, (678-231-9409), so that a determination can be made for future gatherings. This includes small group gatherings.

As long as we continue to practice safe distancing and mask wearing we feel this decision is the right decision for HUMC in order to keep both our physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health plus the all-important connection to our fellow Christians on the right tract. 

Thank you,

Your Health and Wellness Committee